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High performance and durable medical materials
Demotek syringes are made of non-toxic,latex and non polipropilen pvc material included. in cause of theese materials made easier of levels visibility. syringes are combine of two or three pieces.

Demotek Syringes are protected for leaks as in the norm of ISO 7886-1 Ultra sharp eğim point / Transperent body / Wide sides / Stainless steel cannula / leakproof self closed syringe Pushing tip / Black colored level signs / pushing bar with stopper.



Specs   Body:
  • High quality material to set the correct dose
  • Easy to read black colored, detailed, sharp and understandable level bar
  • best design of holding places to hold it firm and control it precisely while the injection.
  • Luer lock, the option of choosing sliding central luer tip and accentric tip design.
  sticking and sticking control tip
  • Soft sticking
  • gives a confort holding possition to use it properly
  • To stop the sticking process the syringe has an slicone sealed unit.
  • medical grade non-latex sticking tip
Demotek disposable hipodermic needles are made of silicone sealed stainless steel (AISI 304)   Needle tip and point
  • multi purpose high quality needle tip designs are gives ease and soft feeling while injections .
  • in couse of high grade control procedures self polishing and wetting process are effective on highly soft surfaces.
  • ultra sharp tip point
Needles center poing
  • Designed for the eccentric tip and luer tipped syringes and all other types.
  • International color coded needle to sellect it fast.
  • Needle center tip and protecter are made in the standards of EN 9626, ISO 7864, ISO 6009, ISO 7886-1 propoliplen
  • İntradermal tip
  • Short tip
  • normal tip
  • Normal wall
  • Thin wall
Insuline Syringes produced in the norms of ISO 7886-1 non latex and pvc included.     Specs
  • For the best comfort the walls are oiled(wet). Ultra sharp build quality
  • Made of medical grade stainless steel
  • needled syringe prevent leaks and dirt
  • tripple tip needle – to make patient feel comfortable the needle is ultra sharp.
  • Transperet body makes easy to see the ingradients .
  • the wide body helps to see the levels better (0.01ml)
  • wide holding side points are preventing the shake of syrige while injection.
Sticking tip
  • Fitting tight to prevent leaks.
  • to read properly it fits straight.
    Details about packaging   Package is made to fit the norms of EN 980. Infos thas given below are on the package.   There are insulin syringes and needles are packaged in blister.  
Pieces in the box Boxes in the export package
Disposable Syringes 100 30 box
Disposable Syringes 100 30 box
Disposable Syringes 100 18 box
Disposable Syringes 100 12 box
Disposable Syringes 50 12 box
Disposable Syringes 50 12 box
Disposable Syringes 25 24 box
Disposable Syringes 100 100 box
Disposable Syringes
One packaged blister 100 30 box
Definition With Needle / With out Needle Syringe tip Count of pieces catalog no
Needle 18G None Central 2 pieces N1243
1 Disposable Needle With Needle Eccentric 3 pieces N3123
2 Needle With out Needle Central 4 pieces N2534
3 Insulin syringes None Eccentric 2 Pieces N1643