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When you see the black bar in the Tempix indicator, you can rest assured that the product has been kept at the correct temperature throughout the cold chain. Should the product have been exposed to temperatures above the recommended limit at any stage of its handling, the black bar will disappear from the window. The barcode will also be blocked out, meaning it cannot be read at the till. The indicator therefore acts as a guarantee that the product has been handled correctly from the producer all the way to the store’s cashier. Once the product is scanned at the till, it becomes the consumer’s responsibility to handle it correctly. The Tempix temperature indicator also has a little bar that shows if the product has been exposed to too high temperatures during transport. This means that it is easy to see where the responsibility lies in the cold chain, from the producer through the transporter, shop and to the consumer. The indicator is made from an absorbent part (thermo-paper label) and a container/label cap with an activator. All the parts are approved and the respective environmental impact is minimal. The indicator works in the -30��C to +30°C temperature range and is accurate to 0.5°C intervals.