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  • Brand: Demotek
  • Kategori:Blood Bags>
  • Standard:Sample Bag Device and Needle protector


Demotek Triple Blood Bag is designed to separate whole blood into three blood components; red blood cells, platelets and plasma through the process of centrifugation and extraction. Demotek Triple Blood Bag is available with CPDA-1 or CPD/SAG-M anticoagulant solution. A platelet storage bag is incorporated for 5-days platelet storage.  
Code Anti-coagulant Additive solution Main Bag Mevcut Transfer Bags Donor needle gauge Trombocyte Transfer Bags
BBT020 CPDA-1 250 ml

150 ml

300 ml

350 ml

400 ml

450 ml

16G Trombocyte storage up to 5 days
BBT030 CPDA-1 350 ml
BBT040 CPDA-1 450 ml
BBT050 CPDA-1 500 ml
BBT220 CPD + SAGM 250 ml
BBT230 CPD + SAGM 350 ml
BBT240 CPD + SAGM 450 ml
BBT250 CPD + SAGM 500 ml