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  • Brand: Demotek
  • Category:Blood Bags
  • Standard:Sample Bag Device And Needle Protector

Demotek Double Blood Bag is designed for the collection and separation of whole blood into two different blood components, plasma and red cells. This is obtained through the process of centrifugation and extraction. The primary bag contains CPDA-1 anticoagulant solution.



  • Quadruple Blood Bag with integrated whole blood leukoreduction filtration system
  • Quadruple Blood Bag with integrated red cell filtration system
  • Top & Bottom Quadruple Blood Bag with in-line filtration system for red cell
Special Specs of Blood Bags
The outlet and outlet cover Tube
label hanger holes and slots
Segnment numbers printed for every individual unit Sample bag device for blood receiving process
Grippers Needle sheath
Needle Bag material